Video Memoir Package

  • A meeting to discuss your preferences for the video’s direction
  • A packet for interviewee that includes: 1) a photo kit to label and protect photos provided to Stories Worth Retelling 2) a questionnaire that will help Stories Worth Retelling guide the interviewee through their personal history
  • Interview session at the location of the the interviewee’s choice (if the location is outside the Northeast Ohio area there will be traveling expenses)
  • Edit of video and audio by a certified Adobe Premier Pro editor
  • Scanning and incorporation of photos
  • Delivery of one DVD with the edited ≈30 minute video

Video Memoir Package Starting at $1,650 Custom video packages are available.

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Digital Photo Organizing Package

  • We will meet and determine how you want your photos organized. For example, do you like to view photos on CD’s or look at them in photo albums? Do you want to group all birthdays together or organize all the photos by date? While we are determining which option best fits how you want to enjoy your photos, SWR will download all your photos from you devices onto an external hard drive.
  • Next SWR will send you contact sheets with thumbnails of all your photos grouped as planned. You will mark-up these sheets with any of the following: captions, favorites, photos to be printed, photos to be deleted, and any sorting changes.
  • SWR will implement all your directions on the contact sheets and deliver the photos and videos in whatever format we determined, plus back them up.
You will never have to worry about losing your precious memories!

Initial Set-up: $325 plus the cost of the DVDs and an external hard drive Load photos and videos on an external hard drive (up to 1,000 photos and/or 20 GBs of video). Produce contact sheets for approval. Deliver organized media on DVDs and external hard drive backup.

On-going Subscription: $85 per month for a minimum of six months (up to 100 photos and/or 5GBs of video per month). You will upload photos and videos to a drop box. SWR will produce a contact sheet and organized media on DVDs and your external hard drive backup. Custom photo organizing packages are available.

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Book Creation

Printed Books
  • Laying out pages using a template with photos and captions. Full color or black and white.
  • Designing a dust jacket and select template colors.
  • Providing a proof and perform one round of corrections.
  • Delivering completed book.

Pricing Starting at:

  • 1 – 16 pages – $210
  • 17- 24 pages – $275
  • 25 – 36 pages – $310
  • 37 – 48 pages – $420
  • 49 – 60 pages – $500

Prices do not include printing and delivery.

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Additional Services

  • Photograph Restoration
  • Audio Recordings

Custom services are individually priced based on specifications and quantity.

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