Save the Stories Free Tip Kit


“Did you know your mom was a hippie?” “Have we told you the story about how your grandparents left Europe? Or how dad was caught streaking in high school?

Dinnertime stories. They are typically spontaneous, sometimes poignant, often funny and usually the most memorable part of the dinner.

This Thanksgiving, when your family is gathered around the dinner table and the stories start flowing like the wine, pull out your smartphone and capture them. It’s time to Save the Stories. And Stories Worth Retelling is going to help you with their free “Save the Stories” kit that includes ideas, tips and how to’s on collecting this year’s best Thanksgiving stories through video, audio and photos.

Be prepared for when your crazy Uncle (we all have one, right?) begins talking about his near death experience on the Amazon River or when your Grandpa tells the story about when he knew he wanted to marry Grandma with the resources from Stories Worth Retelling.

The Save the Stories kit includes:
  • Tips on getting reluctant family members to tell their stories
  • The best questions to get the stories started
  • Audio apps and tips for recording the stories with your phone
  • Photo tips for getting the best photos around the table
  • How to’s for taking quality video with a smartphone
Capture the laughter and memorable stories. Declare this Thanksgiving holiday the time to Save the Stories.


Save and SHARE the Stories

If you need help, Stories Worth Retelling can professionally edit your audio or video and then produce DVDs or Blu-ray disks for the family to watch together. We produce keepsakes that make great gifts for the holidays.

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