James Karr Shares His Stories

James was a little apprehensive when we started the interview, he didn’t know what he had to say and was not fond of seeing himself on camera, “Seeing myself reminds me how old I am getting”. As I sat in a chair across from him and we started talking, he soon forgot the camera. When he talked about the cars he has owned, built and drove you could see his passion. He seemed to remember them all.

After the video was edited and I sat with the family to show it for the first time, I heard a lot of “I didn’t know that” spreading on the lips of his children. His sons were particularly in the cars and the daughters liked hearing about the courtship of James’ wife that took place in those cars.

After viewing the video the family agreed with James, there needs to be a part two video – James Karr, Life in Strongsville as a Boy.



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