Each Memory is Unique

It is fun to record a vacation or birthday and then look back and laugh at the style of eyeglasses everyone is wearing (not to mention the hair styles). Those home videos hold a special place in all of our hearts and are undoubtedly family keepsakes. However, a video interview is something different. It is an opportunity to capture your loved ones’ life story. A skilled interviewer is like a good wedding photographer. They are able to capture more than just the images; they capture the emotions too.  A Stories Worth Retelling interview will provide:

  1. A Fresh Perspective – Have you ever found yourself finishing your sister’s sentence? Can you predict what story your husband is going to tell before he tells it? Two people who are close often find themselves filling in the “blanks” of a conversation. This creates an emotional shorthand that can sometimes thwart storytelling. A professional interviewer who know how to make people feel comfortable can help draw out the full story. Deeper conversations can make for richer stories.
  2. Good Listening Skills – Asking questions is just half the skill-set needed to capture stories. Listening is critical too. It encourages the interviewee to keep talking and it allows the interviewer to hear the nugget that will be the next question. That nugget could open a new story that was long forgotten.
  3. High Quality Production – It is not uncommon to have a conversation with a person and they start the story in the middle or they repeat themselves. A professional will cut out all the superfluous information and weave the story to hold the interest of the viewer. All while working in your pictures and making sure both the sound and video quality is great.

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