Stories Worth Retelling started as a wish that I could go back in time. During the last years of my grandmother-in-law’s life, my husband would call her every Saturday – after lunch and before bingo. He would give her the family updates and she would tell him treasured family stories. Every time he hung up the phone he would say, “Next week I am going to record our conversation.” She lived 101 years, but we never recorded those calls. I think there are a lot of people who are like my husband and me. We have good intentions and family stories we want preserved, but never make the time to do something about it. I am now a personal historian and I want to preserve your family legacy through stories and pictures for generations to come.




I Don’t Have a Story

When I talk to people about Stories Worth Retelling the first reaction is, “What a great idea.” But when I ask, “Do you want to capture your stories for your children and grandchildren,” they say, “I don’t have any good stories.” Everyone has a story and I can help. >MORE

Favorite Quotes from the Stories Worth Retelling Personal Videos

…everybody knew Red Karr’s red car…
…having the babies was easy part, for me (as the father)…
…Matt got home and I stuck this stick from the pregnancy test in his face…

Each Memory is Unique 

It is fun to record a vacation or birthday and then look back and laugh at the style of eyeglasses everyone is wearing (not to mention the haircuts). Those home videos hold a special place in all of our hearts and are undoubtedly family keepsakes. However, a personal video interview is something different.  >MORE